Animal Finger Puppets

Recycle an old or mismatched glove to create adorable finger puppets.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Finger puppet project

Glove Finger puppet

Step 2.

Use scissors to cut the fingers off from glove. Tip: You might need heavy duty scissors and the help of an adult to cut through the fabric.


Step 3.

If desired, paint each of the fingers.  Tip: your glove might already be the perfect color for a puppet and doesn’t need paint. We left one fingertip of our grey glove unpainted for a cute dog puppet!

Penguin Finger Puppet

Step 4.

To make the penguin, cut a small oval from the white foam. This will be the penguin’s belly.  Using the glue gun, attach the foam oval, (2) wiggly eyes and an orange pom (for the beak) to the black finger. You will need the help of an adult when using the hot glue gun.

Penguin Finger puppet for kids

Step 5.

Cut (2) small pieces from a black Fuzzy Stick.  Attach one to each side of the penguin, to form the flippers. The penguin finger puppet is now complete.

Pig Finger Puppet

Step 6.

Make a pig shaped puppet using a pink fingertip. To make the pig’s snout, cut a small circle from a pink foam sheet. Attach the foam snout and (2) Wiggly Eyes to form the base. Add (2) tiny purple Poms to the snout to create the nostrils.

Pig Puppet

Step 7.

Cut (2) triangular ears from a pink foam sheet and attach to the pig puppet.

Googly Eye Kids Craft

Step 8.

To complete the pig finger puppet, curl a small piece of a pink Fuzzy Stick  and attach the tail to the back.

Rooster Finger Puppet

Step 9.

To make a rooster finger puppet, cut a small oval from a yellow foam sheet and attach to an orange finger as the belly. Glue (2) wiggly eyes and an orange pom for the beak.

Bird Puppet

Step 10.

Cut a very small piece of red Fuzzy stick, and glue to the rooster, under his beak and overlapping his belly, as shown.

puppets for kids

Step 11.

To make the top part of the rooster’s head, called the comb, cut a 1 1/2” piece of red Fuzzy Stick. Bend the Fuzzy Stick between your fingers to create the comb, as shown.


Step 12.

Attach the comb to the top of the head to finish the rooster puppet.

Dog finger puppet

Step 13.

To make the dog, cut a small oval from the white foam and attach to the grey fingertip. Glue (2) wiggly eyes, one tiny pink pom on top of one small white pom to create the dog’s face, as shown.

How to make a dog finger puppet

Step 14.

Cut (2) ear shapes from a gray foam sheet and attach to the dog puppet.

finger puppet kids craft

Step 15.

To complete, the dog finger puppet, cut a small piece of black Fuzzy Stick and attach to the back as a tail.

Animal Finger Puppets

Step 16.

You are now finished with the puppets! Wear them all on one hand or put (2) on each hand and put on a play!