Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers

Paint coffee filters then fold to make flowers, even with your youngest crafters!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Kids water color craft


Step 2.

Place a coffee filter on a piece of wax paper, and then add the paint. The wax paper will protect your surface but will not stick to your craft.

watercolor technique

Step 3.

Paint a second coffee filter and set them both aside to dry.

How to watercolor coffee filter flowers

Step 4.

Fold each coffee filter in half and place them side by side, as shown.

watercolor flowers

Step 5.

Fold the coffee filters in half again.

How to make watercolor flower crafts

Step 6.

Form the rounded flower shape by gently twisting the filters.

watercolor craft

Step 7.

Pinch and twist the bottom of the filters, to create a base for the flower.

watercolor kids craft

Step 8.

Use a green Fuzzy Stick to create the stem. Twist and attach the Fuzzy Stick around the base created in Step 7.

Watercolor paint coffee filter flowers

Step 9.

Add a little craft glue to secure the Fuzzy Stick to the base of the flower.

paper flower craft

Step 10.

Thread the Fuzzy Stick through a green bendy straw. Tip: Make sure the bendy part is more towards the top. This will make a sturdy stem for your flower.

watercolor flower craft

Step 11.

Continue to fluff and form the filters to create shapes that resemble the petals of a flower.

Kids craft with watercolors

Step 12.

When inserting into a vase, bend the straw to create fun angles, like a natural flower.