Craft Stick Raft

Children as young as preschool age will enjoy building this simple raft using Jumbo Craft Sticks.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

craft stick raft kids craft idea

jumbo craft stick

Step 2.

To make the raft, lay down (7) Jumbo Wood Sticks vertically. Glue (2) Jumbo Wood Sticks  horizontally across the (7) sticks to secure the shape. This will create the bottom layer of the raft.

wooden craft sticks

Step 3.

Add Glue to the (2) horizontal Wood Sticks.

craft stick boat

Step 4.

Glue (7) more Jumbo Wood Sticks to the Raft to make the top of the raft.

craft with sticks

Step 5.

To create the mast for the raft, glue the end of one Jumbo Stick to the middle of another Jumbo Stick.

summer kids craft

Step 6.

Glue another Jumbo Stick to the bottom of the mast to secure the shape.

Jumbo craft sticks

Step 7.

Run some glue along the bottom of the mast, as shown.

Jumbo craft stick raft

Step 8.

Attach your mast to the middle of the raft and let dry.

Jumbo Craft Stick Raft

Step 9.

While the raft is drying, you can make the sail. Fold the top and bottom edges of your construction paper as shown.

Kids craft

Step 10.

Turn over the construction paper and decorate with the Stickers.

popsicle craft sticks

Step 11.

Use the clear tape to attach the top folded edge of the sail to the top of the mast.

large craft sticks

Step 12.

Before you tape the bottom of the sail to the mast, push the sail up a little to create a nice puff in the sail, as shown. Then tape the bottom folded edge to the mast.

wood sticks

Step 13.

Your raft is now ready to set sail.