Dream catcher

Design your own Dream Catcher to catch the bad dreams and allow you to sleep well!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Dreamcatcher craft for children

how to make a dreamcatcher

Step 2.

Take (2) different color Fuzzy Sticks and twist them together as shown.

crafting a dreamcatcher

Step 3.

Repeat Step 2 with (2) more Fuzzy Sticks. You should now have (2) sets of twisted Fuzzy Sticks.

creating a dreamcatcher

Step 4.

Twist the ends of the sticks together to form the shape of a circle. 

dreamcatcher crafts

Step 5.

Cut 3 ft of white Hemp Cord. Tie one end of the cord to the Fuzzy stick circle.


Step 6.

Thread (2) beads onto the cord and push the beads down to the knot that you tied. For our design we used Translucent Mix Pony Beads. 

Dream Catcher craft with pony beads and fuzzy sticks

Step 7.

Take the cord and tie it to the opposite side of the circle. Add (2) pony beads to the cord and repeat the process of tying the cord around the circle and stringing pony beads.

handcrafted dreamcatcher

Step 8.

Repeat the process of tying the cord around the circle and adding pony beads. This creates an interesting web pattern in your dreamcatcher. Once you get a design you like, tie the end of the cord to the Fuzzy Stick and trim off the extra with the scissors.

making a dream catcher with children

Step 9.

Decide which part of your dreamcatcher will be the top, and tie cord to make a loop for hanging.

children's dream catcher craft

Step 10.

Cut (2) pieces of cord to 5 inches and (1) piece of cord to 7 inches. Tie a feather to the bottom of each cord.

Make a dreamcatcher

Step 11. 

Attach the cords with the feathers along the bottom of you dreamcatcher, with the longest cord in the middle. Your dream catcher is now complete! Hang near your bed to ensure you will only have good dreams!

Further Discussion: The tradition of Dreamcatchers originated in the Ojiibwa Nation and are now widely recognized as a Native American Craft. In Ojiibwa tradition a dreamcatcher is believed to “catch” good dreams which then slide down the hanging feathers and into the sleeper’s dreams. Bad dreams simply slide through the web or net created in the dreamcatcher.

Create dreamcatchers in the home or the classroom and have an age appropriate conversation with your child about keeping scary dreams away!