Friendship Bracelet Pattern: Totem Pole

To make this advanced totem pole friendship bracelet pattern, make sure you are familiar with forward and backward spiral knots and chevron stripes.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Friendship thread bracelet

friendship thread bracelet instructions

Step 2.

Brush up on making forward and backward spiral knots by watching our chevron bracelet video tutorial. Both these knots will be used to create the totem pole pattern.

totem pole friendship bracelet

Step 3.

Cut (4) pieces of friendship thread fold in a half, tie a knot, and secure to a clipboard. Our example uses 4 colors of thread cut to 60 inches each. Arrange your threads so that you have the same colors mirrored on each side. On our example, the threads appear with the following pattern from left to right: white, brown, pink, purple, purple, pink, brown and white.

how to make friendship bracelets

Step 4.

Create a chevron, or arrow, design using the outer white threads.

friendship bracelet designs

Step 5.

Now we will focus just on the left hand side of the bracelet. Starting on the left strand (brown), make (2) forward spiral knots on the next (2) strands going to the right, making sure to stop before the center strand (white).

how to make totem pole friendship bracelets

Step 6.

Starting at the left strand (pink), make (1) forward spiral knot on the next strand.

friendship bracelet making

Step 7.

Locate the third strand from the left (the brown strand) and make (2) backward spiral knots on each of the next (2) strands to the left. This should create a small backwards “c” shape around a single pink knot, as shown.

different designs for friendship bracelets

Step 8.

Locate the fourth strand from the left (the white strand) and make (2) backward spiral knots on each of the next (3) strands to the left. This will close and finish one half of your totem pole design.

friendship bracelets designs and instructions

Step 9.

Repeat Steps 6-8 using the strands on the right side of the bracelet, only mirroring the knots. If you did a forward knot on the left side for a particular step, do a backward knot on the right side.

thread bracelet

Step 10.

Create a chevron stripe using the (2) white strands on the outside. Note: when you create this shape, pull tight. You have now completed one segment of the totem pole design.

friendship bracelet thread

Step 11.

Repeat Steps 4-10 with the next color strand (in our example, brown) to create the totem pole design. Just like the last totem pole design set, you will notice the pink strand will only form a single knot on the left and right hand sides. This will be the case throughout the entire bracelet.

thread bracelets

Step 12.

Repeat Steps 4-10 to create additional totem pole designs for the length desired.