Fuzzy Stick Owl Magnets

Coil Fuzzy Sticks to create these adorable owl designs, complete with large Wiggly Eyes!


  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

make your own magnets

kids magnets

Step 2.

Cut 1 large and 2 smaller circles from brown construction paper. Tip: Trace circular shapes you find around your house, like a cup and bottle cap.

craft magnets

Step 3.

Attach 2 light brown Fuzzy Sticks together. Create a large, flat coil with these sticks, tucking in the end to secure.

dit magnets

Step 4.

Glue this flat coil onto the large brown paper circle. This is the body of your owl.

refrigerator magnets

Step 5.

Create 2 flat coils with red Fuzzy Sticks.

refrigerator magnet

Step 6.

Glue to the smaller brown circles.

owl magnet

Step 7.

Glue these red circles onto the owl body and glue (2) Wiggly Eyes on top. Now your owl can see!

kids craft owl magnet

Step 8.

Fold (2) pieces of light brown Fuzzy Sticks to create wings and attach to both sides of the owl’s body.

kids magnets

Step 9.

Bend and cut a piece of light brown Fuzzy Stick to form the top shape of the owl’s head, as shown.

Owl Magnet

Step 10.

Create a beak and (2) feet using pieces of dark brown Fuzzy Sticks and attach to the owl to complete.

fridge magnet

Step 11.

Once dry, attach a magnet button on back and use your owl to hold up new artwork on the fridge!