Jingling Tambourine

Children can craft an easy to make tambourine to ring in the New Year!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.  

Take a paper plate and draw 8 marks around the plate about 1/2 inch from the edge. Do your best to equally space them apart.

Step 3. 

Take a hole punch and punch a hole where you made each mark.

Step 4.

Take a second plate and place it flush with the first plate so that the plate edges are facing one another. This should create a hole in the middle of the plates. Use the first plate as a guide and using your pencil trace the same marks on the second plate.

Step 5.

Repeat Step 3 making holes over each mark.

Step 6.

Take a Fuzzy Stick and thread on a Jingle Bell. Slip this piece through the lined up holes of both plates. Curl the Fuzzy Stick to form a circle then cut any excess Fuzzy Stick.

Step 7.

Repeat this process for all (8) holes. You have now created your own handmade Jingling Tambourine!

Step 8.

To decorate your tambourine for the New Year, pull out the star stencil from the Numbers and Symbols Stencil Pack. Use the positive star shape and place it on the tambourine. Use a pencil to trace around this shape. Repeat this shape as desired.

Step 9.

Use Acrylic Paint to decorate your tambourine.

Step 10.

Outline the painted star shapes with Glitter Glue for a fun accent. After one side dries, repeat on the other side to have a decorated handmade tambourine for a New Year’s celebration!