Love Bug Clothespins

Attach this clothespin craft to a Valentine's Card and give to a loved one.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Pom Pom Love Bug with Clothespin

Working with Pom Poms

Step 2.

Draw circle on red foam sheet and cut out as base to bug’s body.

Pom Pom Craft

Step 3.

Glue (4) red Fuzzy Poms onto circle base as body.

Ladybug Pom Pom Project

Step 4.

Glue (1) black Fuzzy Pom in front as the head.

Kids Craft Pom Pom Project

Step 5.

Glue (5) black small Fuzzy Poms onto body, like you might find on a lady bug.

Pom Pom Lady bug Craft

Step 6.

Cut (2) small pieces of Glitter Sticks. Curl ends slightly and glue onto head as antennas.

Pom Pom craft with wiggly eyes and a clothespin

Step 7.

Glue Wiggly Eyes onto head.

Pom Pom Lady bug  Project

Step 8.

When bug is dry, glue onto Wood Clothespin. If desired, glue a magnet on back. Allow glue to dry at least 30 minutes before handling. Clip a Love Bug onto a love note and share with someone you love!