Marbeled Keepsake Stone

Create a beautiful stepping stone for mom's garden.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

plaster casting

plaster mold

Step 2.

Prepare your Plaster of Paris mixture. Click here to learn more about mixing Plaster of Paris. Pour some of the Plaster into the Flower Stepping Stone Mold. Make sure you save some plaster for the next step.

plaster cast mold

Step 3.

Add some powered Pink Stone Color to the Plaster set aside in Step 2. Tip: work quickly so the plaster already in the mold doesn’t set yet.

Stepping Stone

Step 4.

Stir the Plaster in the cup to make sure the color is mixed in. If you want the color darker, add a little more of the Stone Color powder.

make your own stepping stone mold

Step 5.

Pour the colored Plaster mix into the Flower Mold, around the edges.

kids craft plaster stepping stone

Step 6.

Using a Skinny Stick, gently drag it on the top of Plaster to create swirly designs. This will create a marbled look on the plaster. 

Plaster of Paris Mold

Step 7.

Once the Plaster starts to feel a little firmer, press the Skinny Stick into the plaster to create lines to define each flower petal. Make a large circle for the middle of the flower. Try not to press down too hard, otherwise the stone will crack when you remove it from the mold.

Kids Craft plaster mold

Step 8.

While the Plaster is still wet, add Acrylic Jewels to decorate the stepping stone. Let the Plaster set overnight before removing from the mold.

Further Discussion:

The term “marbled” is used to describe the swirly patterns seen in the surface of marble stone. Marbling is an art form, traditionally done on paper, but can also be created with other mediums. In the project above, we used this powder mix to create a marbled, or swirled, affect. Our powder stone color mix allows you to create many different patterns and designs in wet plaster. The more powder you add, the darker the color. Practice making marbled and other colorful affects with plaster and color mix.