Medusa Greek Inspired Craft

Create snakes out of Fuzzy Sticks and Wiggly Eyes, then add to a paper plate for a Medusa inspiration craft!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Googly Eye Craft

Pipe cleaner Craft

Step 2.

To create a snake for Medusa’s hair, roll one Green Fuzzy Stick between your fingers creating a flat coil. The coiled part should be about the size of a quarter. Pinch one end of the coil between your thumb and index finger to make the snake’s nose, as shown.

Kids Craft Project with Pipe Cleaners

Step 3.

Cut a 2″ piece of a Red Fuzzy Stick and attach to the pointed edge of the Green coil. This will be a tongue of the snake.

Fuzzy Stick Craft

Step 4.

Using craft glue, attach two Wiggly eyes to finish the snake.

Pipe Cleaner Kids Craft

Step 5.

Repeat Steps 2-5 to create 4 additional snakes.

Medusa Kids Craft

Step 6.

To create a crown for Medusa, trace the top half of a paper plate on yellow construction paper. This will create an arch.

Medusa Kids Craft

Step 7.

Draw a second arch about 1.5” below the first one. Connect the 2 arches by making tabs on each side, as shown.

Kids Craft Greek Mythology

Step 8.

Cut out the crown. Decorate by gluing on Acrylic Jewels.

Greek Mythology Kids arts and crafts project

Step 9.

Punch (5) holes around the edge of the plate, keeping the holes only on one half of the plate.

Fuzzy Stick Snake

Step 10.

Thread one end of a Fuzzy Stick snake through a hole in the plate. Twist the end to secure the snake to the plate.

Kids Craft with pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes

Step 11.

Place some clear tape on the back of the plate to secure the snake in place.

pipe cleaner and googly eye arts and crafts project

Step 12.

Attach the remaining snakes to the plate. Attach the crown to the head by taping the tabs to the back of the plate.

Medusa Kids Craft

Step 13.

To create eyes for Medusa, cut a yellow Fuzzy Stick in half. Take one half and form a loop, secure the ends together and pinch on the ends to create an almond shape. Repeat with the other Fuzzy Stick then glue to the plate as the eyes.

Pipe Cleaner and Wiggly Eye Craft

Step 14.

Glue Red Wiggly Eyes inside of the yellow Fuzzy Sticks. Create a nose and mouth using green Fuzzy Sticks. Tip: Don’t glue these shapes to the plate just yet.

Greek Mythology Inspired Craft

Step 15.

To create Medusa’s tongue, cut a red Fuzzy Stick in 4 pieces. Wrap 2 Fuzzy Sticks together leaving about 1/2” apart at the top to create a forked tongue. Attach the other ends onto the mouth then glue nose and mouth onto the plate.

Wiggly Eye and Pipe Cleaner kids craft

Step 16.

To make Medusa’s teeth, cut a white Fuzzy Stick in half.  Take one half and fold it between your fingers like an accordion.

Medusa Arts and Crafts Project

Step 17.

Glue to teeth inside the mouth to finish your Medusa.

Further Discussion:

This is a great project for kids studying Greek Mythology.  Medusa was a creature from ancient Greece, who resembled a woman with live snakes in her hair. She was known to turn anyone that looked at her into stone. When creating this project, encourage kids to create their own unique face for Medusa. Throughout historyMany artists have painted or sculpted images of Medusa.  Some artists made Medusa look more like a monster and others made her into a beautiful woman that would attract visitors to the cave where she lived.  There are many stories about Medusa available on-line and at your local library to supplement this craft.