Patriotic Sparkle Headbands

Kick your patriotic spirit up a notch with these Patriotic Sparkle Headbands using Glitter Stick and Glitter Poms.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Glue Glitter Poms onto plastic headband in desired location.

Step 3.

For a sparkly fully covered style, wrap and cover Glitter Sticks around the headband shape. Trim any excess glitter sticks. *Tip – you may want to avoid adding Glitter Sticks to the bottom  1/2 inches of your headband a one might find the Glitter Sticks a little itchy behind your ears.

Step 4.

For a more subtle design, use Acrylic Paint to decorate your headband. Add stripes, icons or polka dots, like those shown, to your headband.

Allow glue or paint to dry at least 30 minutes before wearing your masterpiece to your next picnic or BBQ!