Peace and Harmony Quilt

A peace quilt makes a great group craft for the classroom!



Step 1. Gather your supplies

Step 2.

Take (1) 6″x6″ square and measure in 1/2 an inch from each side.

Step 3.

Use a hole puncher and punch (4) holes as shown.

Step 4.

Measure 1/4 an inch from each hole and punch (4) more holes for a total of (8) holes. Tip use one square as a template to trace and punch holes in all of your additional squares.

Step 5.

Draw and then paint your square reflecting the theme, “Peace Is…” Tip: allow each child to interpret this theme as they imagine it.

Step 6.

Cut Fuzzy Sticks to 2 inches each. Cut enough Fuzzy Sticks so that each square has a total of (4) Fuzzy Sticks to attach it to an adjacent square.

Step 7.

You will need to thread the Fuzzy Stick pieces through the left and bottom holes of the quilt squares. Thread the Fuzzy Stick through the hole, bend and wrap 1/4 inch around the part you just threaded through. For a decorative accent add (2) Pony Beads to each Fuzzy Stick.

Step 8.

To attach the squares, place (2) squares next to each other and thread the Fuzzy Stick pieces through the holes. Make sure to wind the ends of the Fuzzy Stick around itself to secure the position.

Step 9.

Continue to attach the quilt squares until you have completed your quilt.

Step 10.

For the top of the quilt, take a Fuzzy Stick and loop it through the top (2) holes on a square. Pinch the back of the Fuzzy Stick to the back of the loop. Repeat for all top squares to create hangers. 

Further Discussion:

This is the perfect visual project to add to a Martin Luther King Jr. writing assignment! After a history lesson in which children are taught about Dr. King, ask each child to describe what peace means to them and what Dr. King did during his lifetime to help create equality for mankind. Have each child write a short statement that relates back to their quilt square.