Plaster Flower Stone

Use recycled bottle caps as decorative elements in a plaster stone design!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Prepare your Plaster of Paris mixture. Click here to learn more about mixing Plaster of Paris. Pour some of the Plaster into the Flower Stepping Stone Mold.

Step 3.

Let the plaster sit for a few minutes so that it firms up slightly. Press the largest bottle cap into the center of the Flower Mold.

Step 4.

Press smaller bottle caps around the larger one. Try and make the caps level with each other.

Step 5.

Finally press bottle caps in each petal section of the Flower Mold.

Step 6.

Let the plaster harden overnight before painting.  We painted petals around the bottle caps to create flowers. Allow the paint to dry and gently remove the plaster stone from the mold.

**NOTE: Finished piece for display purposes only.