Pom Chicks

Use Poms, Fuzzy Sticks and Wiggly Eyes to make a cuddly Pom Chick this spring!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Easter Chick made with Poms

Pom chicks

Step 2.

Glue (1) yellow Jumbo Pom onto (1) yellow large Pom to create your chick’s body.

Easter Pom chick

Step 3.

Cut (4) 2 inch pieces of an orange Fuzzy Stick. Form each piece into a “V” shape.

Pom Pom Chick for Easter

Step 4.

Form each piece into a “V” shape.

make an Easter pom chick

Step 5.

Twist one piece of each “V” shape together to form a foot shape. Repeat to make 2 feet.

Handmade Easter Pom Pom Chick

Step 6.

Glue feet to the bottom of the body shape.

Pom Pom chick

Step 7.

Glue (2) Wiggly Eyes onto the top Pom.

Step 8.

Cut (2) 1 inch pieces of orange Fuzzy Stick. Bend to form small “V” shapes and glue onto top Pom under the Wiggly Eyes as the chick’s beak.

Step 9.

Cut (2) 2 ½ inch pieces of a yellow Fuzzy Stick. Twist into loops and glue onto the sides of the bottom Pom as the chick’s wings. Once dry, your fuzzy Pom Chick is ready to be stuffed into an Easter egg or used as a decoration this spring.