Rosh Hashanah Sweets Craft

As honey and apples are often consumed on Rosh Hashanah, decorate a mini honey jar with these themes and celebrate a sweet Jewish New Year!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Supplies for a Rosh Hashanah crafted gift

Craft an apple for Rosh Hashanah

Step 2.

To make an apple, cut one Red Fuzzy Stick in half.  Wind the Fuzzy Stick around your finger to create a spiral shape. Continue twisting the stick until it starts to form a 3-dimensional  apple shape.

How to make an apple from Fuzzy Sticks

Step 3.

Leave a small piece of the red stick at the top to add the stem. Cut a 1 inch piece of Green Fuzzy Stick and wrap around the stem to create leaves for the apple.

Rosh Hashanah Craft

Step 4.

Wrap a green Fuzzy Stick around the neck of a jar of honey and twist to secure. (We used a honey-bear jar). Leave a piece sticking out to attach a hang tag.

Rosh Hashanah Kids Craft

Step 5.

Cut a piece of card stock to fit over the label of your jar. Write a message using a marker.

Rosh Hashanah Apple Card

Step 6.

To create a hang-tag, fold a small piece of white card stock in half and punch a hole in the top corner. To decorate, dab your finger in red paint and make a finger print on the card-stock! This will create a round apple shape. Add leaves on the apple using a small paintbrush.

Jewish New Year handmade craft

Step 7.

Glue the sweet new year label onto the front of the bear jar and attach the hang tag on the green Fuzzy Stick added in Step 4.

How to make a bee using Poms

Step 8.

To continue with your honey theme, you can make a bumble bee to add on your jar. To start, wrap a Black Fuzzy Stick around a Yellow Pom to create the stripes and cut the stick when done.

Bee Craft

Step 9.

Cut a 1 inch piece of a Shimmer Stick then fold the ends in to create the wings. Glue to the top of your bee.

Bee with Wiggly Eyes Craft

Step 10.

Using craft glue, add Wiggly Eyes to the bee.

Rosh Hashanah Kids Craft

Step 11.

Glue the bee to the honey jar. Tip: You may need the help of an adult and a hot glue gun to attach this element as craft glue might not stick to the plastic. 

Honey Jar Craft for the Jewish New Year

Step 12.

If you are decorating a jar that has a large label, use the finger print apple technique shown in Step 6 to decorate the label.