Snowflake Mobile

Use Jingle Bells and Fuzzy sticks to create a wonderful, musical, winter mobile to hang in or outside of your home.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

How to make a jingle bell snowflake mobile

Snowflake mobile using craft sticks

Step 2.

Glue (2) Skinny Sticks together to form an X shape. Cut (3) Skinny Sticks into thirds to make (9) total pieces.

make a snowflake mobile

Step 3.

Glue the small pieces cut in step 2 on the ends of the “x” as shown.

Holiday Craft for kids

Step 4.

Paint the Skinny Stick snowflake with white Metallic Paint. Tip: you might need to give it (2) coats of paint to get a nice, bright finish.

How to make a snowflake mobile

Step 5.

Cut a white Fuzzy Stick into (4) pieces. Cut (2) of those pieces in half. Twist the (2) large Fuzzy Stick pieces together to form an X.

Snowflake mobile for kids

Step 6.

Thread a Jingle Bell onto one side of the Fuzzy Stick X and twist the Fuzzy Stick to secure the Jingle Bell.

Snowflake mobile kids craft

Step 7.

Use the smaller pieces cut in Step 5 and twist around the ends to create a small snowflake.

Winter craft for kids

Step 8.

Wrap one end of a Shimmer Stick between the top of the Jingle Bell and the bottom of the Fuzzy Stick snowflake, as shown. Straighten the remainder of the Shimmer Stick, so that the Jingle Bell Snowflake hangs.

How to make a snowflake mobile for kids

Step 9.

Repeat Steps 5-8 to create (4) Jingle Bell snowflakes.

Winter Snowflake mobile craft for kids

Step 10.

Wrap the straight end of the Shimmer Stick around the Skinny Stick snowflake to hand.

How to make a winter snowflake mobile with jingle bells

Step 11.

Repeat to hang all (4) jingle bell snowflakes. Create a loop from another Shimmer Stick and attach to the top of the mobile to hand.