Wiggly Eye Invasion!

Add Adhesive Wiggly Eyes to regular household items to create fun in unexpected places.



Wiggly Eyes

In the Bathroom

Apply a piece of clear tape on a surface, such as your soap dispenser, then fill in a smile with a marker. Add mini Wiggly Eyes to the tooth brush head. Remember to remove the Wiggly Eyes before using! These are only for display purposes!

Googly eyes

In the Kitchen

Add Wiggly Eyes to fruit peels. Remember to remove the eyes prior to eating! Tip: Adults, use a toothpick to draw on a banana peel. In a short time, the smile drawn will appear in the skin!

Craft supplies wiggly eyes

In the office

Brighten up a workspace with the addition of Wiggly Eyes on objects like staplers and tape dispensers!

craft supplies

In the pantry

Wrap bottles and cans in paper and add Wiggly Eyes and faces to add personality.

Adhesive Wiggly eyes

In the cabinet

Add Wiggly Eyes to a mug and the handle becomes a nose or snout!

Where else can you add Wiggly Eyes around the house to make someone laugh?