Woven Paper Bag Basket of Apples

Decorate for fall and practice fine motor skills with a woven paper bag basket and pony bead apples! You can change the pony bead colors to create apples, pumpkins and more!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Cut down the side of your paper bag and cut out the bottom.

Step 3.

Cut strips that are 1.75″ wide. You will need 18 strips. (We had 3 extra when using a regular sized paper bag).

Step 4.

Cut (2) strips in half.

Step 5.

Glue the half strips to (4) regular strips.

Step 6.

Fold all of the strips in thirds.

Step 7.

To create the base of your basket, weave a 6 x 6 square with the regular sized strips and glue at the corners to secure.

Step 8.

Use the long strips to weave around the sides of the basket. Secure one end of the first strip to one of the corners and begin weaving.

Step 9.

Be sure to secure every corner so the strips start to stand straight.

Step 10.

Continue weaving with the remaining long strips. When you finish weaving all four strips, fold over and secure every other strip.

Step 11.

Cut off the remaining excess strips.

Step 12.

Set the basket aside and begin creating the apples.

Twist together (5) red fuzzy sticks in the middle. Spread them out evenly.

Step 13.

String on (15) red pony beads to each fuzzy stick.

Step 14.

Pull all of the sticks together and twist the tops to secure.

Step 15.

Wrap half of a green fuzzy stick around the excess red fuzzy sticks, as close to the pony beads as possible. Cut off the excess red fuzzy sticks.

Step 16.

String on (7) green pony beads onto each side of the green fuzzy stick.

Step 17.

Lace the excess fuzzy sticks through the pony beads on the other half to connect.