3D Farm Scene

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Combine clay figures and painted scenery for a fun afternoon of pretend play!


  • Rainbow Feathers
  • Watercolor Paint Palette
  • Acrylic Paint Jars, 24 Assorted colors
  • Adhesive Wiggly Eyes
  • Mini Wooden Sticks
  • Paper


Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Roll orange clay into a small ball and yellow clay into a slightly larger ball.


Step 3.


Mold the yellow ball into a sort of seesaw shape, making the back end lower and more triangular and the front end more rounded and higher.


Step 4.


Cut off the tips of a red, an orange and a yellow feather, about an inch long. Stick them into the back end of the body.


Step 5.


Turn the orange clay into an ovular shape on top and pull the bottom into three points, to look like neck feathers.


Step 6.


Attach two wiggly eyes, a yellow clay beak and a red wattle below the beak.


Step 7.


Shape a small piece of flat red clay into a comb and attach it to the back of the rooster’s head.


Step 8.


Attach the rooster’s head to his body by pressing the pieces of clay together.


Step 9.


Roll a small pink ball for the pig’s head and a slightly larger log of pink clay.


Step 10.


Pull the top of the ball into two points for the pig’s ears, then form the snout by pulling from the front of the ball and shaping it until you’re happy with your pig’s face!


Step 11.


Place two wiggly eyes onto the piggy’s face and using the clay knife, make two nostrils.


Step 12.


Shape the pink log into his body by pulling the legs out from the log and shaping.


Step 13.


Cut a mini wooden stick in half.


Step 14.


Stick one half of the wooden stick into the front end of the piggy’s body.


Step 15.


Stick the piggy’s head onto the end of the wooden stick. Push until the stick is no long visible.


Step 16.


Roll out a 2″ piece of pink clay for the tail and twist it into a small coil.


Step 17.


Press the coil onto the backend of the pig.


Step 18.


Mold four small square blocks out of black clay and attach them to the bottom of his legs.


Step 19.


Roll two balls of white clay, one slightly larger than the other.


Step 20.


Flatten the smaller ball and pull out two pieces from the top for the cow’s ears.


Step 21.


Roll a small oval of pink clay and flatten it for the cow’s nose.


Step 22.


Put two wiggly eyes, his nose and two small pink pieces of clay underneath his ears. Use the sculpting tool to give your cow some nostrils!


Step 23.


Stick the other half of the wood stick into your cow’s body and add small black hooves. Add three black spots of different sizes around your cow’s body.


Step 24.


Attach his head to his body.


Step 25.


Draw a simple barn scene and paint it with water color, then add realistic grass using green acrylic paint and the green brush from the wacky brush set.


Step 26.


Set up your scene and animals for an afternoon of fun!