Alphabet Bead Frame

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Young children will enjoy making mom a special handmade gift while practicing their spelling and fine motor skills at the same time! Use glitter alphabet beads on a handmade frame using a unique paper plate base!


  • Alphabet Bead Glitter Cubes
  • Paint Brushes Triangle Handle
  • Neon Fuzzy Sticks
  • Acrylic Paint Jars, 24 Assorted colors
  • Square Paper Plate
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Cut out a square opening in the middle of your plate, as shown. We chose a square shaped plate, but you could easily do this with a circle shape.

Step 3.

Paint a design on the plate and allow to dry.

Step 4.

Punch a hole in the top right inside of the frame, and punch another hole, on the top left inside of the frame. Make sure that the holes line up evenly.

Step 5.

Insert one end of a Fuzzy Stick through the left hole and twist to secure.

Step 6.

Thread alphabet and pony beads on the Fuzzy Stick. We spelled “BEST MOM,”using Pony Beads as spaces between the letters.

Step 7.

Insert the other end of the Fuzzy Stick through the right hole, twist to secure and trim the excess.

Step 8.

Repeat steps 4-7 on the bottom half of the frame opening. We spelled “IN THE WORLD” and used Pony Beads as spaces between the letters.

Step 9.

Add glitter glue to accent the frame.

Step 10.

If you want to add a photo, print or cut the photo a little larger than your frame opening and glue to the back of the frame. Once dry, flip it over and give it to mom!