Beaded Bookmarks

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Keep your place for summer reading, studying or reading for fun with this beaded bookmark!


  • Hemp Cord
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1. Gather your supplies.



Step 2.


Cut a 24 inch piece of Hemp Cord. Note: these measurements will produce a Beaded Bookmark made for a book 10 inches tall or smaller. If you’d like to make one for a larger book, start with a longer piece of Hemp Cord. Dab a small amount of craft glue on the tips of the Hemp Cord and rub between your fingers. Once this dries, this action will prevent the ends from fraying while crafting.



Step 3.


Tie several knots on top of one another to create one large knot. This will stop your beads from coming off the cord.


Step 4.


Thread on several Pony Beads.


Step 5.


Sift through your bag of Wood Alphabet Beads to find the letters you need for your phrase. In this example, we are using the phrase “I Love To Read”. “Proud Bookworm” and “Reading Is Fun” are two other examples.


Step 6.


Thread one half of your phrase to the Hemp Cord thread, starting with the leftmost letter of your word. Separate any spaces in your phrase with an extra pony bead. In this example, we threaded “I” followed by (1) Pony Bead, then the word “LOVE”.


Step 7.


Tie a double knot to secure these beads in place. This is one half of your Beaded Bookmark.


Step 8.


Measure 10 inches and tie another double knot in this place. This will allow you to place this bookmark into a book that is 10 inches tall. If you want to make room for a taller book, refer to Step 2 where you needed a larger piece of Hemp Cord and tie your double knot at a longer measurement.


Step 9.


Begin threading on the second half of your phrase, again separating any words by an extra pony bead. In this example, we threaded the word “to,” followed by (1) Pony Bead, then the word “read”.


Step 10.


After you threaded your completed phrase, thread on several Pony Beads.


Step 11.


Make several knots at this end to once again secure your beads from coming off. Trim any excess Cord.


Step 12.


You have made a Beaded Bookmark! When you need your place held, open your book, place the Beaded Bookmark so that the beaded areas are outside the book and close the pages. This will allow your place to be held but will not hurt the book’s spine.