Bottle Cap Mandala Sensory Activity

  • Grades 1-3

Young children develop their motorskills through touch and movement. Continue this development process as they grow with themed sensory activities. Here, we've recycled bottle caps to create a sensory activity that helps with coordination!


  • Bucket of Bling
  • Craft Buttons
  • Plastic Beads Tub
  • Plastic Water Bottle Caps (size size and color)
  • Heavy Weight Paper Plate
  • Craft Glue


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Start in the center of your paper plate and arrange the bottle caps upside down in concentric circle shapes. Make sure the bottle caps are touching on all sides and glue to secure. This will become your template for your creative play!

Step 3.

Try making a design with Acrylic Jewels!  Start by placing Acrylic Jewels in the center bottle cap, and add more as you move toward the outside of the plate. As you are placing jewels, try and make your design symmetrical.  This is the same method used to create a Mandala. Click here to learn about Mandalas.  When you are done, you can flip the plate over and remove the jewels.

Step 4.

Use different materials, such as buttons and beads to create new designs. Think about the colors, size and shapes of the beads when placing them in the bottle caps.

Step 5.

For younger children, use other textured materials, such as poms!  Go one step further and have them place the poms using tongs or other tools to build their hand/eye coordination.