Cable Tie Birdcage

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Create an adorable miniature bird cage from cable ties! Hang it on the tree at Christmas or just set it out as a cute decoration!


  • 4" Tan Cable Ties
  • 8" Black Cable Ties
  • 11" Opaque Cable Ties
  • Small 2" Chain
  • Foam Core
  • Pencil
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors
  • Craft Knife ***May Require Adult Assistance
  • Glue


Step 1. Gather your materials.

Step 2.

Trace a circle on foam core.

Step 3.

Ask an adult to cut out the circle with a craft knife.

Step 4.

Cut off the lock of an opaque zip tie.

Step 5.

Glue the end of a cable tie to the foam core.

Step 6.

Glue and wrap the zip tie around the circumference of the foam core.

Step 7.

Cut off the excess zip tie.

Step 8.

Draw eight dashes evenly spread out of the circumference of the circle.

Step 9.

Ask an adult to cut slits in the dashes with a craft knife.

Step 10.

Poke 4″ black cable ties through the slits.

Step 11.

Cut off the closure and pointed end of a 4″ black cable tie.

Step 12.

Glue the end of the black cable tie an 1″ from the bottom of the birdcage to one of the standing black cable ties. Then, wrap it to create a circle, gluing it to each cable tie to secure. Repeat 1″ above to make a second ring. 

Tip: If the cable tie is too short, simply glue on another cable tie to complete the circle.

Step 13.

Bend (2) cable ties that are across from each other to determine figure out the height of birdcage. Glue the zip ties together.

Step 14.

Repeat with the remaining cable tie pairs and be sure that they are all the same at and cross in the center. Glue the cable ties together where they meet.

Trim any excess.

Step 15.

Attach one brown cable tie to the other about ¾ of an inch away from the lock.

Step 16.

Curve the attached cable tie and slide the end into the lock of the other cable tie. Pull until it is at a height of 1″.

Step 17.

Trim off the excess.

Step 18.

Cut a 1/2″ piece of craft wire.

Step 19.

Using the round nose pliers, create a circle with the wire.

Step 20.

Connect the circle to the chain.

Step 21.

Open the circle to connect it to the bird swing.

Step 22.

Make a 2 cm craft wire circle.

Step 23.

Connect the larger circle to the end of the chain.

Step 24.

Attach the large circle to the top of the inside of birdcage to hang the bird swing.

Step 42. Cut a six-inch piece of craft wire.

Step 43.  Bend it in half, but leaving a curve in the mid pint of the wire.

Step 44. Loop the wire through the rubber band.

Step 45.  Twist the ends of the wires into the looped wire creating a hanger for the ornament.