Cardboard Tube Printmaking

  • Grades 1-3

Use cardboard tubes to create fun prints and patterns! Add foam stickers for fun shapes or foam sticker letters to teach letter recognition.


  • Paint Brushes Assorted Flat and Round
  • Acrylic Paint Jars, 24 Assorted colors
  • 4 Small Cardboard Tubes
  • Paper



Bubble Wrap Printing


Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around one of the cardboard tubes. Secure with double sided tape, so no part of your roll is exposed or without bubble wrap. Roll in any color paint and then roll onto paper, like a rolling pin. We chose orange and red for fall. The bubble wrap will create a fun pattern!




Foam Sticker Prints


We used foam sticker letters for two different techniques. One way of using letters  is to create name prints! Spell out your name on one of the small tubes multiple times. To achieve the same color pattern we did, apply the paint with a paint brush to each letter rather than rolling it in paint, this way you can use multiple colors. Be sure that the letters are placed correctly so when they are printed, they are facing the right way. This means some letters may need to be placed upside down on the tube. You can do different words or names to practice spelling.


The second letter technique we did was using a bunch of different letters. This technique can be used for letter recognition.


You can also use other kinds of foam stickers, such as heart shaped or flowers to achieve a fun pattern!



Shape Stamping


Shape the bottom of the cardboard tube. We made a heart! Dip the edges of the bottom of the tube in paint and simply stamp onto a piece of paper. There are endless possibilities of the shapes you can make!