Guest Post: Handprint Frog
Paper Plate Watermelon
Lion and Lamb Paper Plate Puppets
Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath
Magnetic Ice Skater
Skating Polar Bear
Fall Stained Glass Plate
Pine Cone Turkey
Dad’s a Great Catch Card
Paper Plate Aquarium Porthole
Shamrock Wreath
Valentine’s Day Card Display
Jeweled Sun Picture Frame
4 Seasons Life Cycle Activity
Textured Foil Goldfish
Patriotic Coffee Filter Wreath
Pattern Continuation & Color Mixing
Egg Carton Pirate Ship
Mexican Folk Art Turtle
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Alphabet Bead Frame
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Alien Spaceship
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Holiday Card Holder
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Easy Puppets Made with Recycled Materials
Hoppy Father’s Day Card
Paper Plate Clown
Plaster Relief vs. Clay Impressions
Stained Glass Plate
Medusa Greek Inspired Craft
Paper Bag Parrot with Fuzzy Stick Tail
Fuzzy Stick Peacock Feather
Harvest Fuzzy Stick Apple Tree
#1 Teacher Apple Ornament
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Beaded Suncatcher
Plaster Mandala Tile
Valentine’s Day Card Displays
Fall Leaf Wreath
Jingling Tambourine
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