Impressionist Bead by Letter
Straw Texture Brushes
Coffee Pod Art
4 Seasons Cork Stamping
Sensory & Motor Candy Cane Printables
Bottle Cap Magnets
Day of the Dead Clay Skull
Wire Bead Maze
Coffee Filter Chromatography Experiment
Abstract Art with Craft Sticks
Finger Paint Pointillism
Watercolor Salt Painting
Constellation Lantern
Pattern Continuation & Color Mixing
Sight Word Search
“I Have a Dream” Mobile
Cardboard Tube Printmaking
Glow in the Dark African Inspired Tribal Mask
Egyptian Mask
“I Spy” Sticker Sensory Game
Mexican Folk Art Turtle
Bottle Cap Mandala Sensory Activity
Collage Art with Bottle Caps
4 Seasons Life Cycle Activity
Sensory Box Activity
Magnetic Pattern Play
Figure in Motion Paper Collage
VIDEO: Easy Puppets Made with Recycled Materials
VIDEO: How to Make Recycled Paper
Lacing Exercise for Preschoolers
Thread Painting Bookmark / Marcador de Páginas Pintado con Hilos
Counting Sticks
Wet Fresco Plaster Painting
Amate Bark Painting / Pinturas en la Corteza Del Amate
Color Refraction Science Experiment
Pop Art Exercise
Color Theory Optical Illusion: Primary and Secondary Colors
Still Life Exercise
Sunflowers Inspired by Impressionism
Monster “Get to Know You” Group Craft
Beaded Collage Inspired by Aboriginal Dream Paintings
Summer Memories Craft
Beaded Mosaic Inspired by Turkish Tile
Plaster Mandala Tile
Magnetic Name Plates
Penguins On Parade – free template included!
Positive and Negative Art
Figure In Motion 3D Sculpture
Shadow Puppets
Neighborhood Pop Up Picture