Chain & Cable Tie Statement Necklace

Make a statement with this chain and cable tie necklace! Add more layers and use your favorite colors to make this project your own!



Step 1. Gather your materials.


Step 2.


Connect (2) 7″ pink bracelet chains together with a jump ring.


Step 3. 


Slide (15) mini pony beads onto a 4″ opaque cable tie and secure.


Step 4. 


Create a second teardrop with mini pony beads.


Trim the excess.


Step 5.


Attach a teardrop to each end of the chain.


Step 6. 


Slide (15) mini pony beads onto another cable tie and loop around the first teardrop, then secure.




Step 7. 


Repeat on the other side.


Step 8.


Repeat one more time on each side.


Step 9. 


Connect each side of the necklace by looping a final teardrop through each teardrop from Step 8, then secure. At the end, there should be 7 teardrops total.