Coffee Pod Lion

  • Grades 1-3
  • Young Adult
  • All Ages

Flip a coffee pod over and make an adorable lion craft!


  • Natural Fuzzy Sticks
  • Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks
  • Acrylic Paint Jars Primary
  • Rainbow Poms Assorted Sizes, 100 pieces
  • Wiggly Eyes 15mm
  • Coffee Pod
  • Craft Glue


Step 1.

Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Paint a coffee pod yellow.

Step 3.

Glue a large yellow pom to the top of the flipped over coffee pod.

Step 4.

Glue (4) medium poms to the bottom of the coffee pod, as shown, to represent paws.

Step 5.

Glue (2) small poms and a mini pom to the large pom to make the lion’s snout.

Step 6.

Twist together a light brown, dark brown and yellow fuzzy stick.

Step 7.

Bend into a zigzag.

Step 8.

Glue around the pom. We glued both ends next to each other on the coffee pod and then shaped it to fit around the lion’s head.

Step 9.

Glue on wiggly eyes to give your lion sight!