Craft Stick Halloween Characters

  • Books & Language Arts
  • Motor Practice
  • Grades 1-3
  • All Ages

Transform plain craft sticks into some of your favorite classic Halloween characters! Use them as puppets or decorations, either way they're adorable and easy to make!


  • Paint Brushes Triangle Handle
  • Green Fuzzy Sticks
  • Black Glitter Glue 8 oz.
  • Acrylic Paint Jars, 24 Assorted colors
  • Wiggly Eyes 7mm
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Craft Foam
  • Black Glitter Glue (Halloween Limited Addition)


Step 1. Gather your supplies.


Step 2.


Paint (2) jumbo craft sticks white, (2) jumbo craft sticks green and (1) jumbo craft stick orange.


Pumpkin – Orange Stick

Step 1.


Using black glitter glue, draw (2) triangle eyes and a zig zag mouth.



Step 2.


Cut a 3″ piece of green fuzzy stick and curl it around your finger.

Step 3.


Glue to the top of the pumpkin.


Ghost – White Stick

Step 1.


Using black glitter glue, draw (2) large oval eyes and an amoeba shaped mouth.

Frankenstein – Green Stick

Step 1.


Glue on (2) wiggly eyes to one of the green jumbo craft sticks. Then using black glitter glue, draw a mouth, a unibrow and  some hair!


Step 2.


Glue a silver pony bead on each side of the jumbo craft stick.


Step 3.


Paint a purple v-neck with a zig zag bottom to appear torn for Frankenstein’s shirt, then paint black paints with the same zig zag bottom.


Witch – Green Stick

Step 1.


Cut out a witch hat shape from black craft foam.


Step 2.


Glue the witch hat to the top of the last green jumbo craft stick and glue (2) wiggly eyes below it.


Step 3.


Using black glitter glue, draw a crooked mouth, a pointy nose and a small mole on the witch’s face.


Step 4.


Add a buckle on the hat and two teeth using gold glitter glue.


Step 5.


Paint a black dress on the witch’s body.


Vampire – White Stick

Step 1.


Draw a widow’s peak hairline to start on the vampire. Then glue on (2) wiggly eyes, draw eyebrows, a nose and a mouth with fangs. Use red glitter glue to add a drop of blood to the vampire’s fang.


Step 2.


Paint a black suit on the vampire’s body.


Step 3.


Draw a bow tie at the neck with red glitter glue.


Creep into the aisles of a haunted library with these monsterrific craft sticks! 

  • Tell Scary Stories: From Frankenstein to Dracula, monsters have influenced literature for centuries! Introduce the Gothic genre to your students by reading chapters together or assigning pages to discuss the next day while they create this craft.
  • Painted Puppets: After your students paint their craft stick creepers, use them as puppets to act out a scene from one of the books — or ask them to use their imagination and make up their own story!

Discuss the elements of literature — where is the story’s beginning, middle, and end? What is a protagonist and an antagonist, and who are they in the story? What are the common themes of the novels? Ask your students to answer these questions while crafting their own blood-hungry vampires or Frankenstein monsters! Share some more information on the books’ time periods and the authors’ backgrounds with these helpful facts and summaries about Frankenstein and Dracula.