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You do not! All crafty creators are welcome.

From the time you sign the Partnership Agreement until the end of the calendar year! At the end of each calendar year, some partners will be invited to re-sign for the next year.

For now, we only work with partners in the USA & Canada.

We send our CPI Creator Box 4 times a year! You’ll receive a calendar for your reference.

At this time, we cannot accommodate selective mailings for each partner.

Currently, we do not offer compensation. Our programs are based on a product-for-content basis.

Active Craft-fluencers will be entered into a quarterly giveaway to win an awesome activity kit bundle & be named Creator of the Month on CraftProjectIdeas.com!

Within 3 months of receiving your package or before the next mailer is set to be sent out — refer to your CPI Creator Box calendar!

Just create one “before & after” social post/video on your platform of choice!

Yes! Tag us @CraftProjectIdeas and hashtag #CPICreator.

Absolutely! We’d love to share your content on our feed directly!

If you forget to post more than once, we reserve the right to terminate our partnership contract.

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