Cupcake Liner Rocket

  • Grades 1-3

Make a recycled rocket for Memorial Day or the 4th of July using cupcake liners and a cardboard tube!


  • 25 Pack Assorted Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paint Jars Primary
  • 1 Red Cupcake Liner
  • 1 Orange Cupcake Liner
  • 1 Yellow Cupcake Liner
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue **May Require Adult Assistance
  • Small Cardboard Tube
  • Scissors


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Paint a small cardboard tube blue. Set aside to dry.

Step 3.

Fold a red cupcake liner in half.

Step 4.

Fold in half again.

Step 5.

Cut a slit to the middle along one of the folds.

Step 6.

Wrap the liner until it creates a cone shape and glue to secure.

Step 7.

Put glue around the top rim of the cardboard tube and press the liner cone on top

Step 8.

Put glue around the bottom rim of the cardboard tube and press into the middle of a yellow liner.

Step 9. 

Spread the liner out and cut slits in the liner to create a fringed look.

Step 10.

Repeat Steps 8 & 9 with an orange liner.

Decorate your rocket with glitter star foam stickers!