Dinosaur Diorama

Create a colorful prehistoric shoebox diorama, where dinosaurs (made from foam stickers) can roam and play.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Paint the shoe box brown and let dry.

Step 3.

Set the shoe box up as shown. Glue a piece of blue construction paper against the back of the shoe box for the sky and green construction paper to the bottom of the box for grass.

Step 4.

Cut a piece of blue construction paper into the shape of a pond, and glue to the grass.  Stick some of the Sea Life Foam Stickers into and around the pond.

Step 5.

To make a volcano for the diorama, crumple up a piece of brown construction paper.

Step 6.

Uncrumple the paper and wrap around the outside of a paper or plastic cup, gluing to secure. Push down any extra paper to form the top of the volcano.

Step 7.

Paint streams of yellow, red and orange lava on the volcano and let dry.

Step 8.

To make trees, cut a neon green Fuzzy Stick into 8 pieces and a brown Fuzzy Stick in 4 pieces. Twist 2 brown Fuzzy Stick pieces together in the middle, leaving both ends untwisted.

Step 9.

Attach a green Fuzzy Stick to each side of one end, as shown. Twist pieces to secure.

Step 10.

To make the leaves, attach 2 more pieces of green Fuzzy Sticks to the tree, as shown. To stand your tree, flatten out the bottom. Make at least 2 more trees.

Step 11.

Glue the trees and volcano into the diorama.  Finish decorating by adding bushes and flowers made from Neon Poms, and add Glow in the Dark Foam Star Stickers to the sky.

Step 12.

Cut a small rectangle out of white card stock, and fold in half.

Step 13.

Stick a Foam Dinosaur Sticker to the folded card stock.  You now have a dinosaur that you can move around your diorama.

Step 14.

Repeat steps 12-13 with the other Dinosaur Stickers. Enjoy playing with your dinosaurs in the diorama.

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