1 Point Perspective Drawing

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Learn how to create 1 Point Perspective using a Vanishing Point and Horizon Line.


  • EZ Grip Paint Brushes, 5 pack
  • Watercolor Paint Palette
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.


Lightly draw a line in the upper third area of your paper. This represents the Horizon Line.

Step 3.

Make a dot somewhere on this line closer to the center. This is called the vanishing point. As objects get closer to the vanishing point, they get smaller.


Step 4.


For this landscape scene, we will make a stream design. Start at the vanishing point and draw a wavy line to the bottom of your page. Starting again at the vanishing point, make a second wavy line, just like what you see in our example. These lines, which represent a stream, help to lead your eyes into the picture.

Step 5.

Draw mountains above the Horizon Line. Now your stream looks as if it were disappearing into the mountains in the distance.

Step 6.

Draw a simple house shape using a square for the base and triangle for the roof.

Step 7.


Place your ruler at the top point of the triangle shaped roof and connect it with the Vanishing Point. Draw a very light line which will be a guideline. Using your ruler, make two more guidelines from the bottom left corner of the house and the top left corner of the square shape to the vanishing point as shown.

Step 8.

Now you will create depth to your house shape. Decide how deep you want your house to be. Starting at the bottom guideline, draw a straight line with your ruler connecting the bottom guideline to the middle guideline. This line should be parallel to the side of your house.

Step 9.

Draw another line from the middle guideline to the top guideline parallel to the roof of the house. Draw darker lines to connect the original house with the new lines created.

Step 10.


Erase the guidelines that lead outside the house. You have just created a dimensional house using a 1 point perspective.

Step 11.

Finish your picture by adding in additional details, such as boats, trees, and clouds as you see in our example. Remember as objects get closer to the Vanishing Point, they appear smaller. Make sure to make any trees near the house larger than those closer to the Vanishing Point to complete this effect.

Step 12.

Paint your mountain landscape with colors as desired. Once dry, you have a beautiful 1 point perspective mountain landscape to show your family and friends!