Embossed Aluminum Frame

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Create a unique, embossed look using Friendship Thread and aluminum foil and learn about texture and dimension.


  • Friendship Thread Basic Colors
  • Craft Sticks 150 Pack
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Pre-Cut Mat Board Frame
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

kids craft picture frame

kids craft family picture frame

Step 2.

Arrange wood letters onto the frame to spell the word “Family.” Once you like the arrangement, use glue to adhere in place.

Embossed foil picture frame

Step 3.

Starting on one section of the frame, use the glue to draw a simple design. We made a spiral shape on each side of our letters. You don’t want to add glue to the whole frame at one time. Parts of the glue will dry before you have time to add all the Thread.

kids craft embossed picture frame for father's day

Step 4.

Press the end of your Friendship Thread into the glue and continue pressing the Thread in the glue until you reach the end of your design. Trim the Thread, as needed.

how to make a picture frame with kids

Step 5.

Repeat Steps 3-4 on another section of the frame. We made some zig zag shapes on each side.

how to make a family picture frame

Step 6.

Repeat Steps 3-4 on the rest of the frame, making sure to work in small sections. We added swirls on the sides and wavy lines across the bottom of the frame. Let the glue dry before moving to step 7.

make a kids craft picture frame

Step 7.

Cut a large piece of Aluminum foil. It is better to start with a little more than you might need, you can always trim it later.

picture frame crafts

Step 8.

Lay your foil on the table. Lay the frame, face down, on the foil. Wrap the ends around the back, as shown.

kids craft picture frame

Step 9.

Turn the frame back over so that you are working on the front. Using your fingers, gently press the foil. The shapes that you made with the Thread and the wood letters will start to appear.

father's day picture frame

Step 10.

Use a Wood Craft Stick to gently press the foil around the Thread and Letters. Work slowly and gently to avoid tearing the foil. Tip: If the foil tears, remove the piece and replace with a new piece of foil. This raised design is known as embossing.

mother's day picture frame

Step 11.

Repeat Steps 8-10 on the rest of the frame. You will have seams from where the pieces of foil overlap. This is fine and won’t be very noticeable when the frame is finished.

embossed picture frame

Step 12.

Gently rub the oil pastels on the embossed designs to add color. The color will be subtle, but will look really nice on the shiny aluminum. Use the frame to showcase some of your art or a picture of your family.