Fall Tree Straw Craft

Create a beautiful fall tree display using smoothie straws!


  • Brown Fuzzy Sticks
  • Yellow, Green, Orange & Red Smoothie Straws
  • Dark Green Felt
  • Foam Core
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue* *May Require Adult Assistance
  • Ruler
  • Pen/Penicl


Step 1. Gather your materials.


Step 2.


Begin gluing the end of a brown fuzzy stick to the end of a large smoothie straw.


Step 3.


Wrap the fuzzy stick around the straw.


Step 4.


Continue wrapping brown fuzzy sticks around the straw until it is completely covered.

Step 5.


Cover a piece of 9″ x 6″ foam core with dark green felt.


Step 6.


Find and mark the middle of the foam core using a ruler.


Step 7.


Cut out a hole in the middle, through the felt, that is the same width of the straw.


Step 8.


Glue the straw tree trunk into the hole.


Step 9.


Cut a small piece of brown fuzzy stick.


Step 10.


Slide half of the fuzzy stick in between the tree truck fuzzy sticks, then bend.


Step 11.


Glue the fuzzy stick down to the felt to create a root.


Step 12.


Repeat steps 10 & 11 until you have plenty of roots.


Step 13.


Wrap a brown fuzzy stick around the tree trunk, about a quarter of the way up. Trim as desired.


Step 14.


Keep adding fuzzy sticks and bending them into crooked branches, until you think you have enough.


Step 15.


Cut red, orange and yellow smoothie straws into thin circles, no thicker than a 1/2″.


Step 16.


Flatten the straws to create points on each end that appear leaf shaped.


Step 17.


Begin gluing on the straw leaves.


Step 18.


Keep gluing until you are happy your tree.


Step 19.


If you have extra straw leaves, glue some of them onto the felt.



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