Finger Paint Transfer Art

Finger Paint Transfer Art is a fun way to introduce children to color mixing and a simple form of print making. This simple project is easy to do and lots of fun. Show children how to mix colors and create lovely works of art.


  • Natural Braiding Cord
  • Finger Paint 24 Pack
  • Banner Paper 24in x 25 yds
  • Wax Paper
  • Scissors
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Finger Paint Transfer art is a great project for young children to explore color and creativity. In this project, children put colors down on a piece of wax paper and then move the colors around, mixing them together to see what new colors can be created. The magical part of the project is when the “work of art” is then transferred to a new piece of paper!

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

finger paint supplies

Step 2.

Cut a piece of Banner Paper to desired size

Step 3.

Cut a piece of wax paper to about the same size as your Banner Paper.

Step 4.

Add Finger Paints to your wax paper. Tip: you might start out with just (2) primary colors and show your child how when you mix “red and yellow” together you get orange!

Step 5.


Make sure to cover a large area of your paper with the paints.

Step 6.

Once you are done adding colors fold your piece of wax paper in half. Use your fingers to “squish” all the colors together between the wax paper.

Step 7.

Open up the wax paper. Now it is time for the print making aspect of the project!

Step 8.

Take the wax paper and place it paint side down on your piece of Banner Paper. Tip: with a little assistance, children as young as three can do this alone!

Step 9. 

Peel off the wax paper. You have now made a transfer print of the original finger paint design!

Step 10.

Display your Finger Paint transfer art!

Step 11.

Once you have completed (1) design, the wax paper can be used to create more transfers. First, add a little more paint to the wax paper. Next, cut an additional piece of Banner Paper for your new print.

Step 12.

Add a new element to your design, such as laying down a piece of string onto the new piece of Banner Paper.

Step 13.

Repeat Steps 6-8 and smooth the wax paper over the Banner Paper. Make sure to rub paint all around your string design!

Step 14.

Remove the wax paper. You have now created a second magical piece of art!

Iris, age 3 making her own Finger Paint Transfer Art!