Valentine Gift Box & Envelope Printables

Download our free printable and create unique and fun shaped boxes for Valentine's Day or any special occasion!


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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Click the “template” button to download and print our free printable. Page 1 includes a template for a pillow box and page 2 is a fold over envelope.

Step 3.

Tip: If you’re creating your own background design, such as a stamped pattern, turn your cardstock over and decorate the backside.

Step 4.

Once complete, cut out the template along the solid lines. The solid lines are for cutting and the light dotted lines will be used for folding.

Step 5.

Using the ruler and craft stick, trace over each of the straight dotted lines on the template to make it easier to fold. Keep the ruler in place and crease the paper along this same scored line.

Step 6.

Use a pencil or a craft stick to trace each of the four curved dotted lines.

Step 7.

Gently fold the curved dotted lines inward, as shown. You’ll also notice the straight flap on the left hand side in this photo. This will be used to secure the box’s shape in the next step.

Step 8.

Fold the sides of the template together and apply glue along the flap. Fold together and secure for a few minutes while drying.

Step 9.

To form the box shape, fold in the ends, using the creases as a guide. You can easily put candy and other treats in the box then refold the ends to close. Decorate the outside with a tag and other materials as desired.

Step 10.

You could also create wraps using paper strips and beads to dress up the outside of your mini box design!

Step 11.

To create a folded envelope, cut out page 2 of the template. Repeat step 5, tracing over each of the dotted lines and creasing along these folds.

Step 12.

Tip: Don’t forget to include a message inside your envelope! We created one using an extra pink piece of paper for color!

Step 13.

Create a cute closure for your envelope using a hole punch. Fold the flaps of the envelope in, and punch a hole in 2 opposite flaps.

Step 14.

Use a small piece of the pink cording to tie the envelope closed. Decorate to complete.

Step 15.

Create an alternative closure, without the use of a hole punch, but folding and overlapping the folds to create the spiral effect shown!

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