Fuzzy Stick Apple Craft

  • Motor Practice
  • Science & STEM
  • Spelling
  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 1-3

In our Fall Fuzzy A to Z series, “A” is for Apples! Gather some colorful fuzzy sticks and follow the steps below to create this simple apple craft that’s perfect for back to school.




Step 1.

Gather your materials.


Step 2.

Cut your red & green fuzzy sticks in half.


Step 3.

Bend each half into a C shape.


Step 4.

Twist one side of the fuzzy sticks together.


Step 5.

Repeat with the second end.


Step 6.

Cut a smaller white fuzzy stick and shape them into C’s.


Step 7.

Twist the white fuzzy sticks around where the green sticks are joined.


Step 8.

Repeat with one more smaller white fuzzy stick.


Step 9.

Twist 1 brown fuzzy stick into a bunny ear shape and glue to the middle of the apple.


Step 10.

Add a small section of folded brown fuzzy stick to the top of the apple for the stem.


Step 11.

Twist a dark green fuzzy stick into a leaf shape and glue to the top of the apple.

Add a spelling twist to this fuzzy stick apple craft

  • “A” is for Apple: Are there any students in your class who have an “a” in their names — if so, how is it pronounced? Practice sounding out long and short vowel sounds as a class to discover the different ways “a” is used!
  • Do the Twist: Get creative with fine motor practice during this craft! Cut the fuzzy sticks into different sizes to create bigger and smaller apples to test their flexibility.

Once your class successfully creates their apples, explore the science behind them! Gather a few real apples and experiment with some awesome apple science activities!