Harvest Fuzzy Stick Apple Tree

  • All Ages

Use Fuzzy Sticks to make 3-dimensional sculptures, like this Apple Tree!


  • 25 Pack Assorted Paint Brushes
  • Natural Fuzzy Sticks
  • Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks
  • Small Paper Plate
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage Glue
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Hole Punch 1/8 inch
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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Fuzzy Stick  Apple Tree Craft

Craft with Fuzzy Sticks

Step 2.

Using your hole punch and punch (5) holes around the center of a paper plate.

Pipe cleaner Craft

Step 3.

Twist (3) dark brown and (2) light brown Fuzzy Sticks together, leaving about 1 1/2 inches untwisted at the bottom. Continue twisting the together, leave about (3) inches untwisted at the top, as shown.

Chenille Stem Craft

Step 4.

Place your Fuzzy Sticks over the paper plate. Thread each piece through one of the punched holes and fold the bottom to secure.

Harvest arts and crafts with pipe cleaners

Step 5.

Cut (1) dark brown and (1) light brown Fuzzy Stick in (4) piece each. Twist each cut piece onto the top of the Fuzzy Stick branches to make shorter brand pieces. Add as many branch pieces as desired.

Pipe cleaners, chenille sticks, Fuzzy Sticks

Step 6.

To make an apple, cut one red Fuzzy Stick in half. Bend and coil the Fuzzy Stick to start forming a 3-dimensional apple shape.  When you get toward the top of the apple, pull the remainder of the fuzzy stick out to make a stem.

Hand craft an apple with pipe cleaners

Step 7.

Cut a 1 inch piece of green Fuzzy Stick. Wrap this piece around the stem of the apple. Then wrap this green piece to one of the tree branches to attach the apple to the tree.

How to make a pipe cleaner sculpture

Step 8.

Make a few more apples to add to the tree and make an additional apple that will be added to the base of the tree at the end.

Fuzzy Stick Tree

Step 9.

Cut green tissue paper into 2 inch squares. Use a Foam Brush to add decoupage glue to the plate around the tree.

Pipe Cleaner Tree

Step 10.

Add the tissue paper squares to the paper plate base. Brush additional decoupage glue over the tissue paper to secure.

arts and crafts with pipe cleaners

Step 11.

Layer additional pieces of tissue paper to cover the base. The decoupage glue is a special type of glue that dries clear and shiny. By using the glue with the tissue paper, it creates some nice texture for the grass around the base of the tree.

arts and crafts tree with chenille stems

Step 12.

To create the leaves for your apple tree, cut 3 1/2 inch squares of green tissue paper. Fold a square in half to form a triangle. Run some craft glue down the middle of the triangle.

make a tree with pipe cleaners

Step 13.

Wrap your triangle around one of the tree branches, so the the glue touches the branch. Add more glue to secure the tissue paper around the branch.

Fuzzy Sticks, Chenille Stem Pipe Cleaner Tree

Step 14.

Repeat Step 13 to cover more branches of the tree. Add some apples around the base when you’re done. Tip: keep the tissue paper loose when wrapping on the branches. Use scissors to trim the tissue paper and make them look more like leaves.