Fuzzy Stick Balloons

One material, no glue, five minutes. This simple fuzzy stick balloon craft is perfect for all ages! And it’s great fine motor practice, too!


  • Assorted Color Fuzzy Sticks



Step 1.

Wrap a white fuzzy stick around your finger, or a dowel.


Step 2.

Remove from your finger and stretch it out a bit. Repeat for as many balloons you’d like to make.


Step 3.

Form your balloon by looping a fuzzy stick, leaving the right end slightly longer than the left. Wrap the left side of the tail around once.


Step 4.

Bend the right side of the tail to create a triangle shape.


Step 5.

Wrap the end of the fuzzy stick around the opposite tail. Repeat with as many colors as you’d like.


Step 6.

Take the white curly fuzzy sticks and insert through the tail of the balloon.


Step 7.

Bend and wrap the white fuzzy stick around the tail of the balloon to secure.


Step 8.

Repeat with different fuzzy sticks to create a fun and colorful balloon display!

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