Glitter Wood Sled Ornament

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Make your tree sparkle with this glittered ornament!


  • Primary Colors Glitter Shakers, 6pk
  • Craft Sticks 150 Pack
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Heavy Duty Scissors **May require adult assistance
  • Small plate for glue
  • Scrap paper


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Christmas Ornament

Handmade Sled Ornament

Step 2.

Lay (4) Craft Sticks horizontally in a row.

Craft a Glitter Sled Ornament

Step 3.

Cut off the curved tip of one Craft Stick.

Handmade Ornament

Step 4.

Lay Craft Stick vertically across all four rows and mark the length with a pencil. Use this piece as a guide and cut (4) total identical pieces of Wood Craft Sticks.

Sled Ornament

Step 5.

Use glue to adhere two stick pieces on the top of the Craft Sticks from Step 2 as shown. Once dry, flip this piece over and glue the other 2 pieces in the same spots on the underside. Set aside to dry. This will be the base of your sled.

Handmade Sled Ornament

Step 6. 

Glue (2) Craft Wood Sticks together, one slightly overlapping the other. Make a second set of overlapping sticks as shown. These will be the legs to the sled.

Handcrafted Sled Ornament

Step 7.

Glue the leg pieces to the sled body at a right angle as shown.

Handcraft Glitter Sled Ornament

Step 8.

Glue ribbon to underside of sled and allow sled shape to dry completely.

Step 9.

Prepare your area. Pour some glue onto a small paper plate. Lay your sled on a piece of scrap paper.

Sled Ornament

Step 10.

Use brush to paint the outside and inside of the legs of the sled with glue.

Glitter Sled Ornament

Step 11.

Sprinkle silver Glitter onto the legs of the sled. Once covered, lift sled and shake off excess glitter onto the scrap paper.

Craft an Ornament

Step 12.

Use the scrap paper and mini funnel from the Glitter Tool kit to pour glitter back into the shaker jar.

Sled Ornament

Step 13.

Repeat Steps 9-11 by brushing glue onto the body and underside of the sled and sprinkling with red glitter. Set aside to dry and you will have your Glitter Sled Ornament ready to hang on the tree.