Glow In The Dark Dracula Craft

Make this fun Glow in the Dark Dracula craft to watch over your Halloween candy!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Halloween Dracula Craft


Halloween Decoration


Step 2.


First, you must create your base. Lay down (9) Wood Sticks horizontally. Glue (2) Wood Sticks vertically onto the (9) sticks to secure shape. Allow glue to dry.

Halloween Craft


Step 3.


Paint base with purple Glow In The Dark Paint. Paint additional coat if desired.

Dracula Craft


Step 4.


Once dry, use heavy duty scissors to cut the tips of one exposed craft stick on the base. This might require adult assistance.

Handmade Dracula Craft


Step 5.


Lay your base as shown, making sure the Craft Stick tips still exposed are on the top. This will be important in a later step. Paint some hair, nose, and mouth in black Acrylic Paint. The hair of Dracula is usually shown with a downward point in the center which is called a Widow’s Peak.

Handmade Dracula Craft


Step 6.


Glue (2) Wiggly Eyes onto the face.

Dracula Craft


Step 7.


Shape a black Fuzzy Stick along the hairline on top and as eyebrows for a fuzzy accent!

Halloween Craft


Step 8.


Draw and cut two pointed ears on purple foam and two teeth from white foam.

Halloween Dracula Craft


Step 9.


Glue the teeth facing downward on the mouth and glue the ears onto the craft stick tips that are still attached.

Arts and Crafts Dracula Project


Step 10.


To create a stand for your Dracula character, use heavy duty scissors and cut (1) Craft Stick into 3 pieces.


Step 11.


Lay down (4) Craft Sticks and glue the pieces cut in Step 10 down to create a stand shape.

Halloween Craft Step 12.


Once dry, glue stand to the back of your Dracula face. You can now position your Dracula character around the candy bowl at your next Halloween party!

To see more Glow in the Dark kids’ crafts using Wood Craft Sticks, watch this video!


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