Halloween Mobile

  • All Ages
Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Halloween Mobile


Handmade Mobile


Step 2.


First, you will need to create your spider web base for the mobile on which you will hang your fun & spooky creatures. Take(2) Wood Dowels and place them together so they form an cross shape. Use a white Fuzzy Stick and wrap about one dowel once.

Halloween craft


Step 3.


Wrap this same Fuzzy Stick around each of the other 4 Wood Dowel parts to create the first strand of your spider web. It will look somewhat like a square shape as shown.

Spiderweb craft


Step 4.


Repeat this technique with additional white Fuzzy Sticks to create a second and third square shape around the Wood Dowels.

spiderweb made with fuzzy sticks


Step 5.


Once you have twisted the pieces around the bases to form square shapes, use extra pieces of Fuzzy Sticks to create the intricate spider web effect.  Weave pieces of Fuzzy Sticks around different areas of the web and twist in all different directions. A spider web is not perfect so feel free to be creative on this step!

Halloween Mobile Characters


Step 6.


Next, you will need to create your creepy Halloween characters to hang from the mobile. To make a spider, begin with (1) large black Pom and (1) black Fuzzy Stick. Cut the Fuzzy stick into 8 small parts.

Halloween spider craft


Step 7.


Curl each of these 8 small parts to form legs and glue them onto the black Pom. Add Wiggly Eyes and you have your first spider!

halloween craft


Step 8.


To make a bat, draw and cut a bat wing shape on a black foam sheet.

Halloween Bat Craft


Step 9.


Glue (2) different sized Glitter Poms onto the center of the bat wing to form the body. Glue (2) Wiggly eyes onto the top Pom and now you have a bat! Tip: use two different sized Wiggly Eyes for a creepier look!

Halloween Ghost Craft


Step 10.


To create a ghost, first wrap an 18 inch piece of black Elastic Cord around a white Glitter Pom. This will help you hang it later.

Halloween Mobile


Step 11.


Take a white tissue and poke a small hole in the center. Thread the black Elastic Cord through this hole. Wrap the rest of the loose tissue around the glitter Pom as if this were the ghost’s head. Use a piece of white Fuzzy Stick and wrap around the neck of the ghost to secure the shape.


Step 12.


Glue (1) large Wiggly Eye to the ghost head and your ghost is ready to fly around!

Halloween Craft Project


Step 13.


Make additional bats, spiders or ghosts as desired. Remember you can mix and match colors or materials to create different designs. You can also make spiders using Glitter Poms and Glitter Sticks like the purple version seen here.

Halloween Mobile


Step 14.


As the ghost already has an Elastic Cord tied to it, let’s start with this one to hang from the center of the spider web mobile base. Thread (1) Dark Pearl Pony Bead through the Elastic Cord. Take the other end and loop back through the bead to suspend the bead on the thread.


Step 15.


Repeat step 14 to add additional Pony Beads onto the Elastic Cord. Tie the other end of beaded Elastic Cord to the spider web mobile. Since it was the biggest character made, we tied it in the middle where the Wood Dowels meet.


Step 16.


Cut additional pieces of Elastic Cord and thread Pony Beads and tie onto your other characters.  Tip: Use different lengths of Elastic Cord and different bead combinations on your strung pieces.

Halloween Kids Craft


Step 17.


For a fun effect, glue one of the spiders created to the top of your spider web, just as you would find a spider on its web in nature. In the end, you will have a creative Halloween decoration to hang in your home!