How To Make A Lark Knot

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Create this knot to secure cord projects to a key ring.


  • Natural Braiding Cord
  • Hemp Cord
  • Friendship Thread Basic Colors
  • Friendship Thread Brights & Neon
  • Friendship Thread Mega Pack
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Step 1. Gather your materials.

Lark'sKnot instructions


make a lark knot


Step 2.


Fold string in half.

tying a lark's head knot


Step 3.


Place loop under key ring.

cow hitch knot


Step 4.


Take two loose ends of string and place through loop.

how to make a Lark's Head Knot


Step 5.


Pull loose ends tight to create lark knot on key ring.