How to Make a Shaker Card Video

  • All Ages
Watch this video to see how to make a shaker card. The version shown here includes a Star of David on the front for Hanukkah. For further details, review the step-by-step instructions below:


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Hanukkah Craft



Step 2.


Begin with a piece of blue construction paper as your card base. Fold this paper in half to create the card.


Step 3.


To make a shaker card, you need a template that will be traced several times throughout the craft. For this Hanukkah card, we used a Star of David shape. Download the Star of David template here. Then, cut out the template and trace it on the front of the card.


Step 4.


Use scissors to cut out the shape. Tip: it might be helpful to lightly fold your paper in half in order to cut out the middle of this Star of David shape.

Handmade Hanukkah Card


Step 5.


Open the card and apply glue around the shape. Glue a piece of acetate to cover this window. Acetate is a clear material that can be purchased directly from an office supply aisle or recycled from packages for toys, tools, or other plastic-covered items.

Hanukkah Craft


Step 6.


Next you will need to create a gap of space between the acetate window and the back of the shaker area with a foam sheet. To do this, use your template from Step 3. Tip: you are actually going to be using the negative space so make sure you have enough material around the shape.  To learn about positive and negative shapes, click here.

Handmade Hanukkah Kids Craft


Step 7.


Glue this frame to the front inside of the card. This will create a shallow open box made with an acetate front foam sides.

Hanukkah Card


Step 8.


Sprinkle some silver Sequins in this shallow open box. These will be the Sequins seen when you shake the card.


Step 9.


Cut a piece of construction paper that is larger than the size of the frame from Step 6. Apply glue along the entire foam frame placed in Step 7 and adhere this construction paper piece. This will be the backer of the shaker portion of the card.


Step 10.


Once dry, flip the card over and decorate the front of your card. We used gold Glitter Glue. Once dry, your shaker card is ready to give to a family memory or friend for Hanukkah!


Now that you know the basics, create more shaker cards with other themes, such as this Christmas Tree Shaker Card made using the same steps!