Heart Stepping Stone

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use the stepping stone activity kit to make your own heart shape garden stone for mom!


  • Water
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Poster Board
  • Masking Tape
  • Clear Plastic Wrap


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

Prepare your area and put on the gloves and mask provided in the kit. Tip: blow into the gloves to help open it up while putting it on. To protect your clothing, you might also consider wearing a Children’s Smock.

Step 3.

To make your own shaped mold you must first start with a piece of poster board or another sturdy paper material.  Cut one square piece of poster board which will serve as the base for the shape. Our piece is 9 inches wide X 10 inches tall.

Step 4.

Cut (2) 11 x 2 inch pieces of poster board using a ruler and scissors.

Step 5.

Curl and attach the pieces together to form a heart shape using masking tape.

Step 6.

Use masking tape to secure shape to the poster board backing.

Step 7.

Layer pieces of clear plastic wrap inside the heart shape and tape to outside of mold to create the shape. You will use the plastic wrap as a mold release so that the plaster does not stick to the cardboard.

Step 8.

Moisten the spreading tool provided in the kit. This will prevent the plaster from sticking to it.

Step 9.

Measure 1 cup of warm water and gradually pour half of the water into the mold while continually mixing the mixture. 

Step 10.

Add the remaining contents of your plaster sand mix into the mold. Stir the mixture with your mixing stick until all of the powder has absorbed the water. If the mix is not moist, add more water until it is well moistened. Tip: the texture should be thick like melted ice cream, not runny.

Step 11.

Smooth out the top of your plaster mixture with the spreading tool, moving it in a back and forth motion, like icing a cake. Clean any mixture off the tool while it is still wet with paper towels.

Step 12.

Use a stick or pencil to etch in the “I Love Mom” phrase. This will be the top of your stone. Let your stone dry completely overnight. If you try to remove the stone from the mold too quickly, your stone will crack!

Step 13.

Remove the stone from the mold and place it with the design facing up on top of your covered work space.

Step 14.

Paint and decorate your stone as desired.

Step 15.

Use glue to attach stones provided in the kit. You have now made your own heart shaped mold and made a beautiful stepping stone for your mom’s to display for Mother’s Day.  For another project example using this kit, click here.

Tip: if you want to display the plaster Stepping Stone outside, finish with a sealant.