Jingling Hanging Mittens

Young children can practice their tracing and scissor cutting skills with this adorable winter mitten craft that can be hung on a door knob for a jingling welcome!



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Fuzzy Stick Mitten Craft

Make a hanging mitten craft for kids

Step 2.

Trace both of your child’s hands onto the card stock to form the mitten shapes. Add some space at the bottom of the hands as shown. Cut out the mittens. Tip: cutting along a outlined shape is a great skill to practice with younger, preschool aged children!

Winter holiday craft for kids

Step 3.

Cut the White Fuzzy Sticks and Red Fuzzy Sticks into small pieces. Note: some will cover the main area of the mitten and some smaller pieces will be needed to cover the thumb. Tip: This step is best to be done by an adult or older child.

Winter Kids Craft

Step 4.

Add glue to the mittens and place Fuzzy Sticks in place to cover as shown.

Winter holiday craft for young children

Step 5.

Punch (4) holes in the bottom of the mitten.

Winter craft for kids

Step 6.

Cut a White Fuzzy Stick into (4) pieces. Thread a Jingle Bell onto one piece and thread through one hole. Twist the ends together to secure the shape.

Paper mitten craft for young children

Step 7.

Repeat Step 6 and hang (4) Jingle Bells.

Children's winter craft project

Step 8. 

Glue 4 White Poms to the bottom of the mitten.  Tip: It’s okay if they cover the holes. Repeat Steps 2-8 to complete the second mitten.

kids craft project with jingle bells

Step 9.

Punch a hole on the top of both mittens.

Winter craft for young children

Step 10.

Thread a white Fuzzy Stick through the hole in one mitten, and twist to secure. Attach the Fuzzy Stick through the hole in the second mitten and twist to secure.  Your mitten set is complete and ready to hang.

Further Discussion:

This is a perfect winter craft for a classroom or preschool.  While the Jingle Bells are appropriate for ages 4 and up, you can have younger kids make mittens without the Jingle Bells.  The kids can practice tracing their hands as well as their cutting skills.  Use other colors of Fuzzy sticks and Poms, while encouraging the kids to decorate the mittens with their own designs.  The Fuzzy Sticks can also be coiled into flat discs that add another element to the project, just like our Black Cat Mask.  Hang the mittens as decorations in the classroom during the winter before sending them home with the kids.