Kwanzaa Principles Wall Hanging

Make a wall hanging which lists the seven principles of Kwanzaa to display in your home.



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.


With help of an adult, use the pencil, ruler and scissors to cut (7) 3 inch pieces of craft foil.

Step 3.


Poke holes in each of the four corners of each foil square. 

Step 4.

You will now decorate the foil squares with each of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. To learn more information on these principles, visit the Official Kwanzaa Website here. Use a pencil to draw the symbol and name for each principle on one of the foil pieces. For our craft squares, we wrote the name for each principle in both English and Swahili. Tip: use a piece of cardboard under the foil which will help give you a better impression in the foil.


Step 5.

Use black Acrylic Paint and hang over the symbol and titles drawn in pencil. Tip: use different sized paint brushes for detailed work.

Step 6.

Once you have completed the 7 pieces, you will need to connect them with Fuzzy Sticks and beads for hanging. First, cut a green Fuzzy Stick into (4) equal pieces. Thread one piece through the top left hole of one foil square.

Step 7.


Thread (2) yellow Pony Beads then attach the open end of the same Fuzzy Stick to the bottom left hole of the second foil piece. 

Step 8.

Attach the other end of the Fuzzy Stick to the bottom left hole of another foil square.

Step 9.

Repeat Steps 6 – 8 with the left side holes. Also string Fuzzy Sticks with Pony Beads on the top 2 holes of the top foil square, as shown.

Step 10.


Repeat this process to attach (3) squares with black Fuzzy Sticks for the center column, and (2) squares with red Fuzzy Sticks for the right column.

Step 11.

Attach the open Fuzzy Stick at the top to a Wooden Dowel so that the 3 columns fit next to each other.

Step 12.

Attach a black Fuzzy Stick to the dowel in order to hang the Kwanzaa Wall Hanging.

Your art piece is now ready to display!

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