Clothespin Firefly Magnets

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use Glow In The Dark Pony Beads to help create a Pony Bead Magnet.


  • Magnetic Tape Strips 18 pack
  • Wood Clothespins
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
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Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Make a Magnet with Glow in the Dark Pony Beads


Craft a Pony Bead Magnet


Step 2.


Let’s first create the wings of the lightning bug. Thread (15) Glow In the Dark Pony Beads onto a Shimmer Stick. In our example, we used all of the same color, however you are welcome to use different colors if you want!

Kids Craft Magnet


Step 3.


After stringing the (15) beads, twist the end of the Shimmer Stick to form one side of the wing.

Lightening Bug Magnet


Step 4.


Repeat with (15) beads on the other side of the Shimmer Stick. Make sure to leave a 1/4-inch gap of Shimmer Stick in between the two wings. Trim any excess Shimmer Stick material.

Make a magnet with pony beads and a clothespin


Step 5.


Open the Wooden Clothespin and notice the small notch in the clip pointed out here.

Make a Pony Bead Lightening Bug Magnet


Step 6.


Insert wings into mouth placing the gap of the Shimmer Stick down at small notch. This will allow the wings to sit more comfortably in the Clothespin for the craft but still allow you to use the Clothespin to hold items.

Lightening Bug Magnet with Glow in the Dark Pony Beads


Step 7.


Glue (5) small black Poms onto the Clothespin, beginning at the top mouth area. This is the body of the lightning bug.

How to make a kids craft magnet


Step 8.


Glue (3) yellow Glow In the Dark Pony beads at the tail end of the lightning bug’s body.  In a real lightning bug, this is the area that you usually see flashing at night.

make a glow in the dark lightening bug magnet


Step 9.


Once dry, adhere a Magnetic Strip to the other side of the Clothespin to complete your Lightning Bug Glowing Magnet. Tip: as we have added a lot of weight to this clothespin with the beads, you may need to use glue to adhere the Magnetic Strip for some extra adhesive support.

Now your lightening bug is ready for display!