Lion and Lamb Paper Plate Puppets

Since the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, why not use paper plates to make your own lion and lamb puppets?



Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2.

To make the lion puppet, glue yellow poms onto a small plate. Ours was already yellow but if yours isn’t colored, feel free to paint it. To make the lion’s head, cut a small circle from yellow foam and glue to the middle of the Pom covered plate.

Step 3.

Finish the lion’s face by adding (2) small yellow poms side by side and a tiny black pom as the nose. Glue (2) wiggly eyes on top to complete the face.

Step 4.

Fold (3) brown Fuzzy Sticks like an accordion, as shown.

Step 5.

Glue the Fuzzy Sticks around the lion’s head to create the mane. Use the brown marker to draw a mouth and whiskers.

Step 6.

Fold one end of an orange Fuzzy Stick over and twist to make a loop. Pinch the top of the loop to create the shape shown.

Step 7.

Cut 2 smaller pieces from the end of the Fuzzy Stick and fill in the loop, so that it looks like a furry lion’s tail.

Step 8.

To make the lion’s legs, cut (2) strips of yellow foam and use the brown marker to add claws.

Step 9.

Glue the tail and legs to finish your lion.

Step 10.

To make the sheet puppet, turn a small paper plate over and glue on white poms.

Step 11.

To make the sheep’s head, cut the pear shape shown from black foam and glue on (2) wiggly eyes. Glue to the center of the plate.

Step 12.

Cut (2) strips of white foam with (2) small black squares to create the sheep’s legs.

Step 13.

Finish your lion and lamb puppets, by gluing a Jumbo Wood stick to the back of each puppet!

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